Woman Claims Beyoncé’s Not Blue Ivy’s Mother, She Is — Yes, Really (VIDEO)
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Woman Claims Beyoncé’s Not Blue Ivy’s Mother, She Is — Yes, Really (VIDEO)

We love our crazy celebrity gossip but when someone claims she, not Beyoncé, is the mother of Blue Ivy we’ve got to draw the line. That, however, is exactly the claim made by one Tina Seals, who has filed a maternity lawsuit against Bey and Jay Z alleging she’s Blue’s true mama. Truly, there is no rest for the rich and famous.

Jezebel rounded up the crazy claims and points out that this whole “your baby is my baby” routine isn’t new for Tina. They got that intel from Starcasm, which did some digging and found Tina has filed similar suits against Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and Kate Middleton. Kim Kardashian’s also on her list, but come on now. Those swollen ankles Kimmy suffered with for months don’t lie.

So why is this story getting any attention at all? Because the world is abuzz with rumors that Jay and Bey are on their way to getting a divorce. So when a woman claims she was “previously associated” with the famous couple, folks notice. Example A: “Sorry Mrs. Carter.”

That, of course, was the song released by a woman who claims Jay Z wanted her to be his “in town girl” (hence the apology she issued to Bey). What is happening to the world?! Is everybody drunk (in love)?!

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