Woman, 64, Hit By Car During Comic-Con ZombieWalk (VIDEO)
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Woman, 64, Hit By Car During Comic-Con ZombieWalk (VIDEO)

The zombie apocalypse just got a little too real for one woman and a family in a car. According to the San Diego Police Department, a 64-year-old woman "sustained serious arm injuries," when she was struck by a car that was fleeing Comic-Con's annual ZombieWalk on Saturday, July 26 in San Diego.

In a scene that could be used in a prequel to The Walking Dead, a parade of zombies was shuffling about a mile from the convention center when a car occupied by a man and his children — who are all deaf — stopped to let the parade go past.

According to a news release (via Gossip Cop), the kids in the car got scared, so the driver tried to get out of the crowded area. The "zombies" got a little too into character and got angry when the car tried to move. "Several of them climbed onto the car and beat on the car. The car windshield was shattered by the crowd,” the police department said.

In the attempt to leave, the car ended up striking the victim, who was taken to the hospital. Her injuries are reportedly not life-threatening. The crowd chased the car as it drove away, but the vehicle stopped when it reached police officers. According to NBC San Diego, the car’s driver has been cited, but won’t be criminally charged. Police are investigating what happened. Fans on site shot video of the incident, with commenters who were there sharing different stories — some blaming the driver, others chiding the “zombies” and sharing sympathy with the family in the car. We just hope the victim has a full recovery.

According to Deadline, the ZombieWalk has been a Comic-Con tradition since 2007. "More than 500 people took part last year, and a huge number were dressed up for Saturday’s edition, which began at 5PM at 1st and Island," the site shared. "The Walking Dead Zombie Experience [was] going on at nearby Petco Park, where fans can sign up to be chased by the living dead or be done up in professional-level zombie makeup themselves."

It sounds fun, and it should be, but not when things get a little too real. The zombie apocalypse is supposed to be fake (for now). Stay safe out there, everyone!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres Sunday, October 12 on AMC.

Sources: Gossip Cop, NBC San Diego, Deadline

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