Woman Find Out She’s Pregnant With Triplets Just Four Months After Having a Baby
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Woman Find Out She’s Pregnant With Triplets Just Four Months After Having a Baby

Whoa, baby. A woman in the UK just found out that she’s pregnant with triplets. Great news? Of course, there’s only one catch: She gave birth to a baby boy just four short months ago!

Reveal Magazine reports that the mom in question, Sarah Ward, gave birth to baby boy Freddie four months prior. It took so long for her to conceive the first time, Sarah says that she didn’t even consider birth control when she resumed relations with her partner, Benn Smith.

Given her difficulties conceiving, Sarah says was totally shocked when her period was late and took a pregnancy test that came up positive. But when the doctors told her she was having triplets, essentially giving birth to four babies in one year, Sarah says she was “knocked for six,” an English expression no doubt meaning getting the shock of your life.

By the time Sarah, who is 28, delivers her three tiny bundles of joy, Freddie will be only 9 months old. Although the couple told Reveal that they were both certainly shocked by the news initially, they seem to have a great attitude now. Sarah says, “Having four babies under the age of one is going to be insane, but I cannot wait to hold them in my arms. We feel so blessed."

Sarah added that although their home will be a tight squeeze, their house will be filled with love, acknowledging the irony of going from thinking she could never get pregnant to having four kids in under a year. An ultrasound revealed that the triplets are two boys and a girl, and the couple says they’ll name them Reggie, Stanley, and Charley.

We wish this family all the luck in the world, and an extra set of hands!

Source: Reveal Magazine

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