Woman Uses Impressive Self-Defense Moves Against Phone Thief (VIDEO)
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Woman Uses Impressive Self-Defense Moves Against Phone Thief (VIDEO)

We’ve all thought about taking those self-defense classes, haven’t we? How many of us have actually done it? No really, have you? The girl in this video (we wish we could tell her age) definitely did and puts her moves to work on one lame phone thief in this surveillance video.

The video shows a woman holding her phone out texting or using the internet in a busy hallway when suddenly a man turns the corner and snatches her phone right out of her hands. She doesn’t think for a second what to do before she starts hitting him in the back with her bag. The man turns to face his assailant, whom he obviously doesn’t think is too much of a threat — but he’s sorely mistaken.

He starts to advance on her as she continues to hit him, but as soon as he’s close enough, she kicks out straight and her shin connects with his crotch (owie!). The man falls to his knees and she takes a second to balance herself before striking out and connecting her foot to the side of his face, sending him sprawling backward onto the floor. She scrambles for her phone that had fallen out of his hand during the attack, collects her bags, and runs away.

We notice that a few people in the hallway slow to look at what’s happening, but no one moves to help her. Not that she needed any help, but that still makes us sad. One woman comes up behind the man, who was at that time ailing on his knees holding his privates, and extends a hand to the girl to perhaps help her get away, but there’s no need. As soon as the girl kicks the man in the face, the woman’s arm drops and she keeps walking. She’s got this.

This was a super girl power moment, no? Kinda makes you want to take one of those classes, right? Tell us below how this video made you feel!

Source: YouTube

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07.29.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Emmalie Vance
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