Woman Sleeps in Her Makeup for a Month, and It Ages Her Skin By 10 Years!
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Woman Sleeps in Her Makeup for a Month, and It Ages Her Skin By 10 Years!

Not only is sleeping in your makeup totally caking your pillow overnight with gross foundation and mascara clumps, but it’s also filling your pores and preventing your skin from breathing. One woman from the Daily Mail decided to conduct an experiment where she slept in her makeup every night for a month and reapplied the next day. At the end of 30 days, according to experts, her skin had aged by 10 years.

We feel sad for this poor woman who now has to work double time to try to reverse the effects, but we’re glad someone did it. We could all use this wakeup call, because according to a recent survey, one-third of women admit to sleeping in their makeup at least twice a week. Do you?

Anna Pursglove allowed herself to wash her face with only her hands and water in the shower each morning, but she could not use any cleansers or soaps. She had to deal with whatever paint was left over from the day(s) before and apply a new coat right over top per usual. Anna was seen by an expert at a 3D cosmetic imaging studio, who took detailed images of her face pre- and post-experiment as well as measurements of her skin’s moisture/dryness.

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After just three days, Anna says, “I had developed a series of tiny white cysts around my eyelashes and my skin was so dry and taut, it felt like a mask. By the weekend, a few friends had commented that I was looking tired.”

She continued, “Close inspection of my skin in a magnifying mirror revealed the surface had become flaky and lumpy, a bit like a badly plastered wall. Moreover, the foundation that I had once loved looked dry and crepey on my skin. “

Anna continued with her experiment and commented on other changes such as her eyes’ “monolashes” due to clumping of her mascara, visibly blocked and enlarged pores on her nose, and cracked lips. She even succumbed to a severely swollen eye one morning after a mascara clumped eyelash fell into her eye and festered. “I'm all for experimentation,” she noted, “but not if it actually blinds me.”

Her experiment finally concluded and she went back to the 3D imaging studio as well as to a dermatologist to get a professional explanation of the results. Anna’s results were upsetting:

· 10% elevated dryness on her right cheek and side of her forehead

· 20% elevated dryness on her left cheek and side of her forehead (she sleeps on her left)

· Deeper wrinkles on the sides of the face

· 2% decline in redness and irritation on the cheeks, nose, and chin

· 5% increase in pore size

The consensus from both experts who examined Anna was that her skin appeared to be biologically 10 years older than when she had started her experiment. Fortunately, Anna’s dermatologist assured her that the damage can be reversed since it all occurred within such a short period of time, but for someone who had been abusing their skin like she had for a years, that damage would be more or less permanent.

“The biggest issue is the accumulation of environmental pollutants,” says Dr. Sam Bunting, a London dermatologist, “which drive the generation of free radicals.”

“These contribute to the breakdown of collagen and elastin, the structures that underpin youthful skin,” he continues. “While these structures deteriorate with age, you don't want to do anything to speed up that process.”

No doubt Anna will be making time for a good morning and evening facial cleansing, no matter how busy she is, and we’re right there with her!

Source: Daily Mail

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