Woman Struck By Lightning While Standing in Grocery Line — Inside the Store!
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Woman Struck By Lightning While Standing in Grocery Line — Inside the Store!

Is it just us, or is grocery shopping one of the most mundane chores known to mankind? There’s nothing that makes us want to bang our heads against the wall as much as a long checkout line, especially when we’re trying to get in and out of the store quickly with our kids — and with any luck, our sanity — intact.

While we can all universally agree that grocery shopping is mind-numbingly dull and not much fun, we really don’t wish to spice things up the way Lakeisha Brooks did recently. WWLTV reports that she got quite a bang out of her shopping trip when she was struck by lightning while waiting in the checkout line at Rouses Supermarket in Houma, Louisiana.

Lekeisha, a 33-year-old mother of four who works at the Evergreen Junior High School cafeteria, told Houma Today that she feels lucky to be alive. Lakeisha thought quickly to move her 2-year-old daughter away from the lightning strikes, and received only minor burns to her left leg and right foot. Although she was not seriously injured, she was taken to the hospital for observation, then released.

The strike did leave behind a charred area nearly a foot wide near the cash register, but the store remained open after the incident and throughout the day. The Terrebone Parish Sheriff’s Office reported that the lightning struck the building’s roof, then went through the store’s sprinkler system, and exited through a metal plate in the floor.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Gavin Phillips told Houma Today, “I’ve never heard of anything like that.” A Rouses Supermarket employee added, “I guess it’s just one in a million.”

Remind us to never complain about boring old grocery shopping again!

Source: Houma Today, WWLTV

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07.16.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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