Woman Surfs All Nine Months of Her Pregnancy — Totally Rad or Super Irresponsible?
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Woman Surfs All Nine Months of Her Pregnancy — Totally Rad or Super Irresponsible?

Kristi Olivares happily surfed throughout her pregnancy almost up to the very day she delivered her baby, and she says she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Olivares lives in Sydney, Australia and posted the video “Surfing Pregnant Month-to-Month” on YouTube. The video shows her happily shredding with friends, all the way up to nine and a half(!) months. This rad mama also detailed her story on the web forum, She Surfs.

Olivares says she has been surfing for four years, and she made the video because she “couldn’t wait to introduce her baby to the ocean and share her love of the sea.” She told TODAY that being with child totally changed her body and made her feel like she needed to learn how to surf all over again, a challenge she enthusiastically accepted.

Apparently, Kristi did have some limits to her preggo surfing. She says she would only surf waist-high waves, and that she would regularly employ a friend or family member to help her get her board to the beach. Although she’s had some pretty serious reactions to her choice to keep surfing up to the very end, she explains that her doctor, a surfer himself, approved her activities.

We have to say, in the video Kristi makes a good case for the whole thing seeming pretty zen and natural. She really does looks beautiful and blissed out. But, have you ever swam in the ocean, or tried balancing on a surfboard? It’s pretty rough stuff, and the thought of wanting to do something that intense when you’re knocked up, especially towards the end, makes us a bit seasick. But hey, different strokes, right?

On September 10, Kristi gave birth to a healthy baby boy named Alexander Bobby. Kristi describes him as a true “ocean baby,” adding, “I always got such a sense of calm and happiness from him when he was in my womb and I was out surfing, I could almost picture him smiling as we sailed along the water." We wish you a very gnarly life, little ocean dude!

Source: YouTube, She Surfs, TODAY

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