Bachelor 2014 Women Tell All: Which Juicy Moments Were Edited Out?
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Bachelor 2014 Women Tell All: Which Juicy Moments Were Edited Out?

It turns out that the title of “Women Tell All” just might be a tad misleading, seeing as how a lot of what this season’s Bachelor ladies said to Juan Pablo Galavis in the supposed tell-all actually ended up on the cutting room floor. So, what did producers not want us to see?

According to E! Online, the most heavily edited scene of the night was when Kelly Travis called out Juan Pablo for his anti-gay comments. E! reports that the exchange was “way more heated” than what we saw, with Chris Harrison finally having to promise Kelly that she would get a chance to talk with Juan Pabs after the taping wrapped.

And if you thought that the ladies seemed to go a bit easy on the guy in general throughout their Q&A, well, that wasn’t what really happened. He was called “narcissistic” and “not genuine” by the women, although these comments ended up getting cut out.

At the end of the show, however, Juan Pablo wanted to let the ladies know that there were no hard feelings, and so he said hi and kissed each one on the cheek. Then again, isn’t gratuitous amounts of kissing what caused some of his spats with the ladies to begin with?

Are you disappointed that some of the more heated moments were nixed from the episode?

Source: E! Online

03.5.2014 / 12:00 AM EDT by Ryan Gajewski
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