Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: What Makes Kelly Travis Cry at Women Tell All?
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Bachelor 2014 Spoilers: What Makes Kelly Travis Cry at Women Tell All?

The Women Tell All special is typically more of a time for sniping than sobbing, as the ladies often use the time to air their grievances about each other. However, during next’s week WTA for Juan Pablo Galavis’s ladies, we’ll be seeing Kelly Travis cry. So what happens that makes her so emotional?

Last month, one of the most poignant criticisms of Juan Pablo’s anti-gay comments came from Kelly on Twitter, who pointed out that her dad is gay. And so, needless to say, Kelly decides to talk with Juan Pabs about his remarks at the WTA.

“Kelly said her dad is gay and wanted to talk about the comments,” a source tells In Touch. “She teared up because it’s such an emotional topic, but [Juan Pablo] deflected any responsibility.”

Kelly has been one of our favorite ladies this season, so we’re not happy to hear that she was in tears. But we can’t say we’re surprised that Juan Pablo didn’t accept blame for any pain he may have caused, since that kinda seems to be his M.O. In fact, we have a feeling that Clare Crawley (with Oceangate) or Andi Dorfman (with the Fantasy Suite date from hell) can back us up here.

Do you think Kelly is right to be upset about Juan Pablo’s remarks? Or is the language barrier to blame for him misrepresenting himself?

Source: In Touch