Bachelor Women Tell All Spoilers: What Does Juan Pablo Do Wrong?
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Bachelor Women Tell All Spoilers: What Does Juan Pablo Do Wrong?

It’s getting a little old talking about Juan Pablo Galavis’s many flaws as El Bachelor on Season 18, but we’ll give it one more (at least) go before we move on. Reality Steve used his gargantuan reach to get the scoop on some of the biggest moments of March 3’s “Women Tell All” special, and it sounds like it’ll be fun at least for the 17 girls who showed up.

An audience member tells that when Juan Pablo took the stage for his stop in the hot seat, the girls didn’t even clap. While normally the time is reserved for handing friends hoop earrings before settling the score and pulling out weaves, the February 21 show taping was apparently different. “The girls wanted to tell Juan Pablo that he played this season all wrong. Everyone ganged up on him and called him out for all his s---!” an InTouch source claims.

Steve says that the highpoints include such moments as the time Juan Pablo called “special one” Cassandra Ferguson’s son Trevor when his name is actually Trey. She showed JPG pictures of the toddler during their date in L.A., and although that was filmed back in late September or so, he maybe shoulda checked his flashcards.

The spoiler king also mentions that Juan Pablo was called out for not asking the girls about themselves, talking about himself ad nauseum, and using Camila as an excuse for all things. Oh yeah, and that time Renee Oteri brought JPG to Sarasota and he dumped her five minutes after meeting her son? That comes into play too.

Kelly Travis also told Juan Pabs off for his homophobic comments, since her dad is gay…

So, what went well? It sounds like only the after-party, when the girls hung out without their ex-boyfriend. Now that’s the kind of group date they won’t regret later.

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