Is The Bachelor on Tonight? March 3, 2014
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The Bachelor

Is The Bachelor on Tonight? March 3, 2014

Ay ay ay, Juan Pablo Galavis! Tonight is “Women Tell All” on ABC, and we’re really hoping that it’s the most dramatic one ever. How could it not be, after a season of girls telling Juan Pabs they “wish he would die” so they could go home (Victoria Lima), leaving on their own (Sharleen Joynt and Andi Dorfman), and otherwise calling him out for sucking on Twitter on the regular (too many to list).

Seventeen girls signed up to revisit their ex-novio under Chris Harrison’s watchful, but tender, supervision. We already know that Sharleen, Andi, and the newly engaged Renee Oteri will take the hot seat to talk to Chris about their scorned lover. But when Juan Pablo arrives on stage, whose name will he John Travolta as he tries (or, as is more likely, doesn’t bother) to defend his actions?

We know that Kelly Travis ended up in tears, thanks to some choice words Juan Pablo used earlier in the season (you likely remember the ones), and plenty of other things went wrong when they taped the show on February 21.

What will be left in, and what gets left on the cutting room floor? You’ll have to check it out to believe it, tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC!

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