Bachelor 2014 Women Tell All: Does Anyone NOT Hate Juan Pablo? (VIDEO)
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The Bachelor

Bachelor 2014 Women Tell All: Does Anyone NOT Hate Juan Pablo? (VIDEO)

Juan Pablo Galavis may have gained plenty of Twitter followers during this season of The Bachelor, but there's no love lost between him and the majority of his Season 18 contestants, if the Women Tell All trailer is to be believed.

In the sneak peek of the March 3 special, which was released after Juan Pablo's disastrous Overnight Dates episode, it looks like he takes the brunt of his exes' wrath. While the video wants us to believe that the girl snarked at one another for the majority of the filming, we doubt that's the case.

In one part of the clip, Sharleen Joynt says that she "often has sleepless nights." Andi Dorfman, likewise, mentions that she "closed her eyes and waited for it to be over." Is she talking about sleeping with Juan Pablo in the Fantasy Suites? We really hope not, but perhaps that's the case. Although, if the brainy beauty was just talking about having a conversation with him about the words he uses, we'd believe that, too.

Both Sharleen and Andi spend some time in the hot seat, as Wetpaint revealed yesterday, as does Renee Oteri, who was eliminated after a lovely Hometown Date with Juan Pablo.

Check out the clip below and let us know what stands out most to you!

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