Bachelor Women Tell All: What to Expect When Juan Pablo Is Confronted!
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The Bachelor

Bachelor Women Tell All: What to Expect When Juan Pablo Is Confronted!

We are seriously looking forward to Monday’s “Women Tell All” special for a few reasons. First, we can’t wait to see some of our favorite girls from this season back on our TVs for one night only. Second, from what we’ve heard, Juan Pablo Galavis is going to get skewered.

ABC released the synopsis for the episode, and the official word is that 17 of Juan Pablo’s exes band together to celebrate not ending up with the “most controversial and buzzed-about” Bachelor, like, ever. There are a lot of questions to discuss surrounding things like was he sincere about his search for a wife and stepmom for Camila and what’s the deal with his kissing policy? We hope someone also asks about his penchant for neon colored clothing — did Electric Run sponsor the entire season, or what?

But before we talk about what a total disaster this season has been, romance-wise, we’ll remember that ABC did do something right in the casting department. How’s that? Oh, because newlyweds Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are stopping by to remind people that not everyone cast on the show is just OK.

The press release for the synopsis is great for this alone: “All of the women agree that Juan Pablo is super handsome, a gentleman and has a sexy accent, but charming isn’t enough and looks fade. These ladies were looking for more than that. They discuss whether Juan Pablo was there for the right reasons.” WHOA where was that kind of real talk when we were told for months before the premiere about what a great catch he was supposed to be?! Oh well, better late than never!

During the evening, the cast will talk about such fun topics as that time Juan Pablo slut-shamed Clare Crawley after OceanGate 18, that kissing policy B.S., and that time (read: season) that he used his daughter as an excuse for everything.

The three women we want most to be the Bachelorette will take the hot seat: Andi Dorfman, Renee Oteri, and Sharleen Joynt. While the latter two might have nice things to say, we’re hoping that Andi will remind Juan Pablo that he got dumped during a game he was supposed to be in control of, whilst wearing flowy linen pants.

Kelly Travis shows what a badass she is when she “faces off” with Juan Pablo over some of the dumb things he did. AKA that time he enraged us by saying that gay people would be inappropriate leads for the show. Remember that? Kelly does, and we can’t wait to see her call him out for it.

The synopsis mentions a blooper reel, but we’re a little confused about what that includes. Are they just going to show the casting room when they chose Juan Pablo for Bachelor?

Tune in to ABC on Monday, March 3, at 8 p.m. to watch it all go down.

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