You Won’t Believe What Chelsea Handler Said About Mariah Carey!
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You Won’t Believe What Chelsea Handler Said About Mariah Carey!

Nick Cannon has a full time job defending wife Mariah Carey these days, and you just know he’s up in arms over the latest to poke fun at the (most likely ousted) American Idol judge. Chelsea Handler joked on her show about how Idol is looking to replace their judges.

"And because it can't get any worse, I decided to throw my hat into the sinking ship ring…So to increase my chances I partnered up with one of the greatest recording artists of all time. I'm of course talking about La Toya Jackson."

Sarcasm abounds! Somehow, La Toya Jackson sort of seems to forget that this is all just a comedy bit, as she seemed to genuinely be using the camera time to give her judge candidacy a boost.

“Like Simon Cowell, I’m very opinionated,” the sister to the late Michael Jackson said in a serious fashion. Of course, Chelsea wouldn’t allow the joke to be ruined, saying no one would take La Toya seriously because she “sounds like a chipmunk.”

Chelsea took another backhanded shot at La Toya, calling her a “female white pop star,” and joking that she wants La Toya to tell her where to get a new face when she gets older. Oh, no she didn’t!

Mariah probably took the biggest blow, though, as Chelsea said that the show would be “saving more space” because “two of us equal one Mariah Carey.”

Say it with us, folks: Oooooh! Nick is going to be so mad!

What do you think – funny or mean?

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05.22.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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