What Happened to Woodbury? Will We See it in Season 4, Episode 6, “Live Bait”?
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The Walking Dead

What Happened to Woodbury? Will We See it in Season 4, Episode 6, “Live Bait”?

The Walking Dead Season 3 ended with a bus arriving at the prison to bring former Woodbury residents to their new home. They were the ones who didn’t get massacred by The Governor (David Morrissey), who turned on his own warriors after their failed attempt to take down the prison.

We never saw what happened to Woodbury, but we got a hint earlier on Season 4. Actually the first clue came over the summer when they released that Comic-Con trailer, previewing the craziness Team Prison would have to endure for the first four episodes. People talked about maybe being safer away from the prison, and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) said “If Woodbury was still in one piece…” and Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) chimed in with “Yeah, but it ain’t.”

It ain’t?

Well, we may see how much it ain’t this Sunday, November 17 on Episode 6, “Live Bait.” The promo shows a glimpse of The Governor standing in front of Woodbury’s Town Hall as it burns, and AMC released a promo image showing the same.

The other image they’ve shared so far shows Martinez standing outside a tent. A sneak peek showed a walker woman crawling through a fire to get to The Governor, who just sits there. Martinez ultimately puts the walker down. There are three tents in that scene, so we’re guessing Shumpert is still with them at this point, as Season 3 ended with the three of them driving off somewhere.

We’re guessing Episode 6 picks up right after The Governor’s surprise massacre to show us what happened after that.

Do they go straight to Woodbury to burn the place down, so no one else could have it? Will Martinez and Shumpert stick with The Gov., even though he’s clearly not afraid to gun down his own people the second they disagree with him?

Apparently they don’t kill him, since Episode 5 showed The Governor right outside the prison, watching the chaos. Are Martinez and Shumpert still with him at that point, or does he have a new group? Those are things we may learn this week, or possibly in Episode 7 as we approach the big mid-season finale, Episode 8.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

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