The Walking Dead’s Woodbury Shoppe Owner Talks Weird Fan Requests For Norman Reedus
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The Walking Dead’s Woodbury Shoppe Owner Talks Weird Fan Requests For Norman Reedus

If you’re still with family during the Christmas-to-New-Year week and you’re struggling to think up something to do, why not suggest a pilgrimage to Senoia, Georgia to visit The Woodbury Shoppe?

The Walking Dead films in Senoia, including the set for The Governor’s (David Morrissey) old town Woodbury, and the Shoppe is a shining beacon of all things Dead. AMC had a nice little Q&A with Carrie Cottrill, the store’s owner, who said T-shirts are their best-sellers, but basically anything related to Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) flies out the door. It sounds like she’s essentially been drafted to be his new assistant.

AMC asked Carrie if she had any anecdotes from the cast. “All of the stars have signed our walls,” Carrie said. “All of the stars have been in the shop. But Norman Reedus is obviously a fan favorite, across the board — with men, with women. Anything with Norman Reedus sells. He’s been in the shop several times. People just regard him so highly, because when he is there, he’s so accessible. He’s gracious, he’s kind. He so enjoys the fans and people just really connect with him. But just as much with the stars, on the back end, [special effects guru] Greg Nicotero, [comic book writer] Robert Kirkman, they have a huge following. People are just as interested in seeing them as they are as the stars.”

Yeah, we’d probably freak out a little if we went into the shop and Greg Nicotero was there playing with some action figures

In terms of weird fan requests, Carrie said a lot of fans bring in items they’ve made for the stars, especially Norman. “They’re like, ‘Hey, I made this. Can you give it to him?’ We’ve had a lot of phone calls, like ‘I’m planning my vacation for this period. Would you call Norman and see if he [can] come down and be in the store then?’ As if I have Norman’s direct line, as if he and I are best buddies and I’ll give him calls and he’ll just pop down here. [Laughs]

Hey, we were just asking so we could coordinate! Seriously, though, these fine folks probably have enough to do without running interference for fans who want Norman to just live in an apartment upstairs and pop down whenever they visit.

Check out more photos and intel on the Woodbury Shoppe at their Facebook page. (Someone should've bought us those amazing socks for Christmas. Just saying.) It actually looks like they are closing for a little bit as they move to a location across the street, so it's probably best to plan a trip for later ... keeping in mind that TWD recently finished filming Season 4, so the cast may not be hanging around. Last year they started filming the new season in early May and kept going until November. So that might be the prime Norman-viewing season.

The Walking Dead Season 4 resumes on February 9, 2014, at 9 p.m. ET on AMC.

Source: AMC

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