‘World’s Best Lasagna’ Ranks #1 on AllRecipes For Over a Decade
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‘World’s Best Lasagna’ Ranks #1 on AllRecipes For Over a Decade

Recipes are pretty close to the perfect group of evergreen content on the internet, meaning they live forever because everyone, at some point or another, will be searching for a new dinnertime entree or potluck appetizer. Some recipes are naturally more popular than others, but there is one cheesy Italian dish that has made itself super comfortable as AllRecipe's number one most searched recipe for the past 10 years: John Chandler's "World's Best Lasagna."

The Washington Post aptly describes the dish as “an artery-clogging tower of sweet Italian sausage, ground beef and ricotta cheese.”

John, a self-proclaimed “Southern boy,” says he's "just a normal guy that likes to cook. It is very relaxing to me, and I wish I could do more of it." John says he grew up outside Dallas, Texas, where he learned to cook from his mother and really began experimenting in the kitchen as an undergrad. The lasagna recipe was John’s interpretation of his mother's recipe, which he was encouraged to post on AllRecipes by an ex-girlfriend.

John's foray into Italian cooking — a far toss from his Anglo-Saxon roots — has earned him more than 10,000 ratings on AllRecipes and more than 25,000 re-pins of his famous dish on Pinterest. The uber-popular recipe site estimates that just about 12 million people have viewed John’s recipe in the past five years alone!

No one is more surprised by this form of fame than John himself, but his friends are a close second. “Most of them didn’t know I had this recipe,” he said. “It’s not something I go around beating my chest about. But it makes an interesting ice-breaker, you know?”

By the way, I have made this recipe, and it definitely earns its five-star rating!

Source: The Washington Post

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09.11.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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