Worst TV Series Finales: 7 TV Shows That Left Fans Angry
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Worst TV Series Finales: 7 TV Shows That Left Fans Angry



Nashville ended last night, and the series finale did not leave fans happy. In fact, they're furious.

To its credit, the country music soap managed to wrap up most of its storylines fairly well, considering its cancellation came as a surprise — that is, until the last scene, which ended with Juliette's plane going missing just as the fan fave was rushing home to reconcile with her true love, Avery.

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The cliffhanger was completely unnecessary and one of the most unsatisfying way to end a show, ever.

It turns out it was all part of a tactic to get the show picked up by another network. If that works, maybe we'll forgive the showrunners for messing with our hearts like this, but that's a very risky choice that might not pay off.

But as any fan knows, this is hardly the first series to totally disappoint fans with its finale.

Here are six other examples of shows that did not go out like they should have.


Once the No. 1 show on TV, CBS’s flagship procedural fell to No. 34 by the end of Season 15, leading execs at The Eye to declare it dead. The show wrapped up on September 28 with a two-hour movie presumptuously titled “Immortality.”

Jersey Shore

The Situation was grim for the series finale of MTV’s guido show — the final episode was the least-watched installment in its six-season history.

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True Blood

Once pulpy must-watch TV, HBO’s vamp series had gone bloodless long before the series finale — sucked dry from bizarre subplots and endless romantic drama — and no one seemed to even care when Bill died in the last chapter.

How I Met Your Mother

This CBS sitcom’s ultimate episode may have been “legend... ary” for the wrong reasons, betraying fans by splitting up Barney and Robin and killing off the titular Mother.


In this much-maligned series finale, vigilante serial killer Dexter finally got his comeuppance, as many fans expected... in the unexpected form of self-imposed exile as a solitary lumberjack. Not even star Michael C. Hall enjoyed that ending.

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Though watched by 76.3 million viewers, the Seinfeld finale was so disappointing that Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, and Julia-Louis Dreyfus have all mocked it in the ensuing years.


While the Lost finale was nominated for eight Emmys — more than any other Lost episode — it angered many longtime fans of the ABC drama by focusing more on character, emotion, and spirituality rather than solving the show’s many mysteries.

Co-showrunner Damon Lindelof has even spoken out about the fan backlash, admitting in The Hollywood Reporter to being “deeply and unhealthily obsessed with finding ways to revisit the Lost finale and the maddening hurricane of s—t that has followed it.” (For the record, we liked it!)