Would Andrew Lincoln Ever Direct an Episode of The Walking Dead?
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The Walking Dead

Would Andrew Lincoln Ever Direct an Episode of The Walking Dead?

Actors direct their own TV shows all the time now. Stephen Moyer has directed eps for True Blood, Jon Hamm for Mad Men, Bryan Cranston for Breaking Bad, etc. So why not Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) for The Walking Dead?

Gold Derby asked Andy if he'd consider directing an episode of TWD, and the short answer is yes ... but there's a significant (and maddening) catch.

"You know I would love to, I really would. The only problem is I never watch the show," Andy said with a laugh. "I'm gonna have to either sort of get them to edit me out so I can see how to do it or watch the rare episodes that I'm not in." He directed a U.K. show he was in called Teachers "and loved it." He loved working with the actors, and the technical aspect of capturing performances and visual storytelling. "So yeah, the short answer is yes — if I'm still alive. And even if I'm not still alive, I'd love to come back."

Good! And of course he'll still be alive. He's Rick Freakin' Grimes!

But it’s so odd, from our perspective, that he can’t stand watching himself on screen. It’s one thing to be self-conscious as an actor, or too aware of the production process to enjoy the show, but Andy can’t even stand to see himself on a video feed. He actually shut his video feed off at the start of the Gold Derby interview because he hates looking at himself. We’d do nothing but stare at him all day if we could! It’s just funny — there are so many narcissists out there with giant egos who love staring at themselves, even if they aren’t really that attractive, and here’s a handsome, humble man who just can’t abide seeing his own image. What a world.

Do you think Andy should direct an episode of The Walking Dead, even if he’s in it himself? Face your fears, man!

The Walking Dead Season 5 premieres in October on AMC.

Source: Gold Derby