Would Heather Dubrow Be Friends With Her RHOC Co-Stars Without the Show?
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Would Heather Dubrow Be Friends With Her RHOC Co-Stars Without the Show?

We don’t get to choose our family, but we do get to choose our friends.

The exception, of course, is when you’re on a show like The Real Housewives of Orange County, where you don’t always get to decide who you let into your circle of friends.

When one fan asked Heather Dubrow whether she’d be friends with her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars if she wasn’t on the show, the reality star gave an honest and graceful answer.

“I never met these girls before the show, so we didn’t run in the same circles necessarily,” Heather said to OKMagazine.com. “But just like you meet people working in your office and you become friends with them, situationally, they then become your friend. So I don’t know if I would have met them otherwise, but we’ve become real friends.”

That makes sense to us! Determined to pump Heather for more information about her co-stars, another viewer asked who she considers to be the most genuine.

I have a really nice relationship with all the girls on the show and everyone is a human being,” Heather Dubrow explained. “We all have our moments and say things we don’t mean, but I think in general all the girls are nice, genuine people.”

Very diplomatic, indeed. We’ll see whether that statement stands as we watch more of Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8!

Source: OKMagazine.com