Would Juan Pablo Galavis Invite Desiree Hartsock to His Wedding? He Says…
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Juan Pablo Galavis

Would Juan Pablo Galavis Invite Desiree Hartsock to His Wedding? He Says…

It’s an awkward scenario for anyone: the prospect of attending your ex’s wedding. But what about if you’re Juan Pablo Galavis and your “ex” is Season 9 Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock? What if the only reason you have your current job, as the new Bachelor, is because she didn’t pick you? Well, that’s a horse of a different color, at least according to Season 18 rose-doling Venezuelan, Juan Pablo.

On a recent conference call with JPG, RumorFix asked whether he’d invite his TV ex to his wedding, assuming he gets engaged at the end of the season and marries her. “I will see if she invites me to her wedding first,” Juan Pablo laughed to the site. “If she doesn’t invite me then I will think about it and maybe I won’t invite her.”

What’s that sound? Oh, just us falling more in love with the former soccer pro for his hilarious response. We highly doubt that the hottest Bachelor ever is hung up on a girl he never went on a 1-on-1 date with, so obviously he’s just joshing us. Plus, there are definitely no hard feelings on his side.

“Of course I will invite them!” he says, referring to Des and her fiancé, Chris Siegfried, who she moved in with in Seattle after the show’s finale. “She’s somebody that I met and Chris is a great friend and we talk once in a while and I’m happy for them!”

Adds Juan Pablo about the process, “When I went home, I understood, she just didn’t feel like I was the right guy.” Surely, he knows exactly what she went through, now that he’s had to kick out all but one from his 27-gal pool. Now, as for the girls who had to leave Juan Pablo, we doubt they’re quite as understanding about his not following in love with them...

Source: RumorFix

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