Would Chris Harrison Leave the Bachelor for The View? He Says…
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Chris Harrison

Would Chris Harrison Leave the Bachelor for The View? He Says…

Chris Harrison has been giving The Bachelor franchise his final rose since 2002. But now a fresh young thing is trying to catch his eye, and we’re a little worried. Chris recently had a fling with The View, serving as guest host and launching rumors that they might try to nab him as a full-time co-host.

So, Rosemaster, what do you have to say for yourself? Tell us you love us best and The View ladies mean nothing to you! Or not...

"I went out there for a week and had a wonderful time," Chris told The Hollywood Reporter of his stint with The View. "It was a great experience. I love live TV, and if I had the opportunity to do a live show like that, I would love it."

Um, OK. He did just do a mini live show last night when hosting Sean and Catherine’s wedding, so maybe that helped get it out of his system a bit. If his response was not the unequivocal, "I would NEVER leave you" we wanted, at least this next part makes us more hopeful.

"I love my night job, and this is my baby," Chris said of The Bachelor world. "I've been on this show for 12 years, and we're a huge family on and off camera. But if I could slip something else in and make it work, something like The View, I'd be honored to do it."

All right, well, “slip something else in” sounds like he'd add it to his current schedule, not replace The Bachelor, Bachelorette and (potentially) Bachelor Pad completely.

Does this ease your nerves a little bit or are you more nervous, since he's leaving the door wide open for a big change? What if they do ask him to come on over and he decides he doesn't have time for both of us? Do we resort to Plan B and threaten to replace him with one of these people?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter