Would Lindzi Cox Ever Give Ben Flajnik a Second Chance? (VIDEO)
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Would Lindzi Cox Ever Give Ben Flajnik a Second Chance? (VIDEO)

So was she joking or was she not joking? Season 16 runner-up Lindzi Cox said she wasn't being serious when she told Ben Flajnik to "call me" if things didn't work out with his first pick Courtney Robertson, and she convincingly tells an ABC affiliate station in an interview on Tuesday, March 13, that she's happy the way things ended on The Bachelor Season 16. So why the hesitation... and stammering... and thoughtful expressions when confronted with the hypothetical scenario in which Ben pulls a Jason Mesnick (albeit a delayed Jason Mesnick)?

Bachelor enthusiasts will remember that Jason chose Melissa Rycroft over Molly Malaney in The Bachelor Season 13 finale but, after realizing he’d made a mistake, famously asked Molly for a second chance on the “After the Final Rose” special. She did. And they married.

So could Lindzi really consider a forever (or even a for now) with the man who dumped her on national television should he make the same move months later? She never gives a definitive “no,” which only makes us think she hasn’t hung up the saddle on that relationship just yet. Oh, Lindz...

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