Would Sarah Palin Do Dancing With the Stars? She Says…
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Dancing With The Stars

Would Sarah Palin Do Dancing With the Stars? She Says…

Bristol Palin competed on Dancing With the Stars — twice — with her tenuous connection to the word “star” coming from her mother, former Alaska Governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin. So would the hockey mom consider hitting the dance floor herself?

"Oh, my gosh, that is something you don't want to [see]," Sarah told Extra. (Not that the casting directors always care what viewers want to see…)

"I'm no Mario Lopez and I'm no Bristol Palin,” Sarah continued (via Digital Spy). “I'd be clomping around and falling down all over the dance floor, man. I wouldn't make it past the judges [on] day one."

Maybe, but the judges’ comments could be as superfluous for her as they were for Bristol (and Bill Engvall on Season 17). Some people are score-proof — not to say Sarah would definitely be among them, but if you have a strong voting base, that can take you very far.

Sarah seemed more interested in hosting a daytime talk show, to chat with inspirational people and empower others, but you never know. DWTS does love its little family dynasties. The Osbournes, the Kardashians … the Palins?

Bristol actually made it to the finals of Season 11, and beat four other All Stars (including two former champions) on Season 15. If she can do that well, Sarah might be able to do even better. She probably has a lot of fans out there who would love to support her on DWTS. Are you among them?

Would you like to see Sarah Palin on DWTS, or are you glad she doesn’t seem keen on the idea?

Source: Digital Spy