Would You Watch Peter Thomas’s Bar One Spin-Off?
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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Would You Watch Peter Thomas’s Bar One Spin-Off?

The idea of Bravo giving a spin-off show to one of its Real Housewives of Atlanta stars is hardly unheard of. Kim Zolciak, NeNe Leakes, and now Kandi Burruss have all at least had one-off specials, if not full-order series, focusing on them. But what about those outspoken Househusbands — are they interesting enough to star in their own show?

That’s a gamble that Cynthia Bailey’s hubby Peter Thomas is willing to take, as he’s recently hinted at a series revolving around his popular Atlanta hotspot, Bar One. If this premise sounds familiar, you’re not off-base: Peter is hoping to frame the show in a similar vein as Lisa Vanderpump’s SUR-set Vanderpump Rules.

So during last night’s April 6 episode of RHoA, Wetpaint Entertainment and Viggle LIVE! asked users whether they would watch a show about the servers at Peter’s Bar One, and only 23 percent were in favor of the idea. Meanwhile, a whopping 77 percent made it clear that they are not interested in anything related to the Househusbands.

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While we can understand your hesitancy, don’t be so quick to write off this idea just yet. Just look at how exciting
Vanderpump Rules got in its second season. There’s lots of opportunity for drama amongst servers and nightclub workers, after all. Then again, there’s no word as to whether Bravo is even considering this series pick-up, so maybe this is all for naught. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!

Are you intrigued by Peter Thomas’s potential spin-off? Tell us in the comments below.

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