WOW! Check Out Sarah Herron’s Shocking Transformation!
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The Bachelor

WOW! Check Out Sarah Herron’s Shocking Transformation!

Sarah Herron didn't win Sean Lowe's heart during The Bachelor Season 17, but this blonde bombshell might just be the most beautiful of his former sistah-wives. Sarah has gorgeous hair and a body that won't quit, but back in the day she was an awkward teen just like the rest of us.

Check out this picture of Sarah as an adorable victim of the 90s — not only does she have quite a bit of baby fat, she's wearing an oversized t-shirt, and yeah, she's rocking butterfly clips in her hair. Clearly, LFO's "Summer Girls" was playing when this picture was taken.

WOW! Check Out Sarah Herron’s Shocking Transformation!
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"I was an overweight, brace-face with acne, I had one arm and worst of all – I wore a Mervyns size 12 – kill me," Sarah writes on her personal blog. "Homecomings, Proms, formals and weddings have all come and gone without a date – without even one slow dance with a boy. You think I’m kidding but I’m not. Flash forward 14 years later and you can imagine my excitement (no, excitement is an understatement – disbelief) when Sean Lowe asked me on the first date of the season."

Aww, Sarah! First of all, we think girlfriend looks adorable as an awkward 6th grader with braces, but whatever. This gal is rising like a phoenix from the 90s ashes, and now she's basically a mega-babe. We're sure all those immature middle school boys who rejected her are ruing the day!

So why the outpouring of feelings? "The reason I’m sharing all of this with you, and baring one of the most brutal photos ever taken of me is because I want girls to understand that I’ve been through my fair share of transformations and I’ve been insecure for one reason or another for my entire life," Sarah explains. "I have been in your shoes, but I want you to know that anything, ANYTHING is possible if you believe in it..."

Color us inspired. What do you think of Sarah's shocking transformation from brainiac to babe? Sound off in the comments! Now excuse us while we go listen to some Third Eye Blind and slip into a Yin-Yang choker necklace.

Source: Sarah's Blog

06.5.2013 / 12:00 AM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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