Adam Levine Gets Wrapped Up in Cute Christmas Pics — Goofball Alert! (PHOTO)
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Adam Levine

Adam Levine Gets Wrapped Up in Cute Christmas Pics — Goofball Alert! (PHOTO)

The Sexiest Man Alive likes to wear fuzzy slippers, PJs and a funky reindeer hat!

The Voice’s Adam Levine showed off his adorable goofball side in two photos shared by his fiancee, Behati Prinsloo, on December 23.

Behati first shared a photo with wrapping paper cover a person's face. "My ghost of Christmas present.....get it get it?"

The next photo is the one shown at left. "Oh it's not a ghost....." And the present is for us, right?

She also shared a super-cute photo of a dog dressed in what looks like the same reindeer hat. So this house is just crawling with lovable creatures.

This will be Adam and Behati's first (and maybe only) Christmas as an engaged couple. They started dating in June 2012, then broke up earlier in 2013 before getting engaged in July. It’s not clear yet when they’ll be getting married.

Back in October, Adam talked to Jay Leno about what seemed like a fast engagement. "I remember talking to you one time, you telling me you were never going to get married, and now you're engaged," Jay said. "Tell me what happened here." Adam laughed and said, "Famous last words: ‘I'll never get married.' You know, I still don't think you have to get married, unless you meet someone that makes you want to marry them. And then you marry them and it's wonderful."

Aww! Check out some of Adam and Behati’s cutest moments together, so far.

Happy holidays to the merry couple!

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