Game of Thrones Writer George R. R. Martin Admits the Pressure Gets to Him
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Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones Writer George R. R. Martin Admits the Pressure Gets to Him

George R. R. Martin, author of the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, which HBO’s Game of Thrones is based on, has come under fire recently for not releasing the next book in his series quickly enough. It’s been three years since the last installment in the series, and the show now appears to be on track to outpace the show sooner rather than later. Whether fair or not, the criticism is just going to keep coming for Martin, and he admits that it does affect him.

During an interview with New Mexico in Focus, Martin was asked if the pressure to finish the books gets to him. “Yes, to some extent it does,” Martin says. “But when the writing is going well it doesn’t matter. When I’m there and working, I just kind of fall through my computer screen and I forget the world, I forget deadlines, I forget the TV show, and the emails, and all of that stuff. It’s just me and the characters and the world that I’m describing, and I’m writing a page at a time, and a scene at a time, and a word at a time.”

While that certainly sounds very romantic, those deadlines aren’t going away, but Martin remains obligated to finish what he started. “There’s a lot of craziness that goes on, but it’s pressure, and the obligation is to the work itself,” Martin reveals. “I’m telling a story, however many books you divide it into, three books, four books, seven books, which is what I’m presently going for, it’s one story, as much as as Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings is one story. It has a beginning, it has a lot of middle, and eventually it will have an end.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth: Eventually, it will have an end.

Source: New Mexico in Focus

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