WTF Moments From Nashville Season 1, Episode 11, “You Win Again”: Rayna’s Kids Are Oblivious
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WTF Moments From Nashville Season 1, Episode 11, “You Win Again”: Rayna’s Kids Are Oblivious

The folks on Nashville are so gentle, thoughtful and virginal (well, at least Gunnar and Scarlett), but sometimes we burst into a fever of WTFs while watching them sing. Probably because we're still not over Gunner and his brother romantically serenading each other on a hotel bed.

Check out the biggest head-scratchers from this week's episode, and feel free to put all of them to music!

5. Deacon Goes on Non-Drunken Guitar Smashing Fit
We're so worried about how not-drunk Deacon is. It's like, we leave this dude to his own tragic devices for five minutes, and he tears apart his apartment in a sober rage. It looks like Deacon took out a lot of aggression on an innocent lamp before slumping on the couch with a huge not-drunk hangover. Why? He is wasted on his own tears, guys. The double-damaged guitar strings of his heart are drunk on SADNESS.

4. Juliette Eats Bean Dip, Might Be Having Life Crisis
Apparently Juliette has a thing for bean dip, which we totally approve of because a) it comes in a can, and b) it's God's food. But what happened to girlfriend's diet? The Juliette of yesteryear spent her time snacking on cucumber slices and refusing to eat amazing concoctions like "pink macaroni," and now she's gorging on bean dip? We're officially confused.

3. Rayna's Kids Are Oblivious
Look, we don't want to get all judgey about Rayna's kids (cough, nerds, cough), but they are completely out of it. They're clearly living in some alternate universe full of pancakes, because not once have they noticed Rayna and Teddy having a super serious convo. These kiddos will literally be in the same room as their parents, Teddy will whisper something about embezzling $2 million, and nope. Nothing. Too busy reading Harry Potter, probs.

2. Jolene Hoards Sliders, Because Duh
Let's make one thing clear: Jolene has an addictive personality, and just because she isn't hopped up on painkillers, doesn't mean she can change who she is on the inside. Which brings us to Jolene's newest addiction, miniature burgers. Did you see the way she was frantically fondling them at Juliette's record party? It was like watching ourselves in the mirror, although our food drug of choice is jet-puffed marshmallows.

1. Deacon Owns a Cabin, So Many Questions
Every now and then Deacon is overcome with a sense of studliness. When this happens, his beard grows at twice it's usual rate, his bootcut jeans get even bootcuttier, he puts his house up for sale, and he wanders off into the backwoods of Nashville to live in a cabin. Luckily, Juliette saved Deacon from this questionable journey by inviting him on tour, and we're kind of sad. We would have really loved to see boyfriend hunt for his own food and make himself little cabin booties from felt.

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