X Factor 2012 Results: Who Is Going Home on November 29?
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The X Factor

X Factor 2012 Results: Who Is Going Home on November 29?

The week’s X Factor theme was “Number Ones,” and some contestants took that to heart, while others let the pressure take them down a notch (or hella notches). While we enjoyed the whole show, some of the renditions left a lot to be desired.

Was Paige Thomas’s national Rickrolling grounds for dismissal? Are you tired of Diamond White sounding so good and yet... not quite getting there? Did you think Vino Alan’s performance was the worst thing that ever happened to your ears?

Maybe you have some beef with one of the top spot holders, like Tate Stevens or Carly Rose Sonenclar, and all you want is for them to go home so your favorite can win. Has CeCe Frey done all she can do, or will she hold on for one more day?

Do you think Emblem3 lost their spark or that Fifth Harmony is lovely, but boring? Two are going home and we want to know who you think it will be. Tell us below by weighing in on our poll and explaining your reasoning in the comments section.

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I want, like,half the people to be kicked off