X Factor 2013 Promo Released: What To Expect This Season
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The X Factor

X Factor 2013 Promo Released: What To Expect This Season

Less than two months remain until X Factor returns to our lives, and the first promo teasing the third season has us all types of excited. Excited about the new judges Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio. Excited about more Demi Lovato. Excited about ladies outnumbering Simon Cowell three to one at the judges’ table.

In the promo, which is told exclusively from Simon’s POV (hope he enjoys the power while it lasts), we see dancing, flirting, and mocking — the three gerunds that make X Factor go. Simon “I’m Now Back in Control” Cowell calls Kelly “a total professional,” pronounces Paulina’s name as “Pow-leena,” and jokes that Dems now “respects” him.

There’s also a sexy cowboy, a performer in a rainbow feather boa, and a little bit of booty-shakin’. In other words, this promo has it all and you should watch it at least three times so we don’t feel so bad that we did.

If that’s not enough incentive, at the end there’s even a glimpse of Simon’s softer side (We know — hard to believe). You’ll see the crusty reality star crack a smile right after he shimmies with his fellow judges and gushes to his dance partners, “I love you girls.”

The love fest begins September 11 on Fox.

Source: E!