Celebrity Pregnancy

This Recently Crowned Reality TV Winner Is Pregnant! (VIDEO)

The past year has been a mighty big one for Sam Bailey. The 36-year-old London native took home the crown of the most recent round of X Factor UK on December 15, 2013, and now she’s just announced she’s expecting!

The mother of two will welcome a third child later this year with husband Craig Pearson. She shared the happy news on Twitter earlier today (March 6).

Hey everyone...... Meet peanut!!! :-),” the Season 10 winner tweeted alongside a photo of a sonogram. Wait. Does Peanut have a mic in his or her little hand? JK, that’s just a smudge on our computer screen.

Sam and her more than 335,000 Twitter followers seemed thrilled with the development, which Sam says she discovered while in the bathroom at a supermarket.

The pregnancy has already pushed Sam’s UK tour plans from October of this year back to January 2015 though as of publishing, her debut album, The Power of Love, is still set to be released on March 24. Obviously, though, she’s had no problem practicing the power of love at home if you get our drift.

Congratulations to Sam, Craig, Peanut, and Peanut’s siblings brother Tommy and sister Brooke on the happy news!

Source: Sam Bailey on Twitter