Our love for Ellen Degeneres knows no bounds. Between her snazzy dance moves and the fact that we watched every episode of her sitcom throughout the 90s, lady is basically our muse. But Ellen + Demi Lovato is almost too much for our emotions to handle. They're both just so perfect, sigh!

Demi hit up Ellen's talk show last week for an inspirational conversation about hair cair and Demi's new self-titled album, and Ellen gifted our favorite pop princess with a fluffy "I Love Ellen" pillow.

Best. Gift. Ever.

Now, keep in mind that celebrities are given presents at almost every event they attend, and most of these gifts are thrown out or donated. But Ellen's pillow? Not so much. Demi was seen clutching her prize at LAX airport on Saturday May 11, presumably so she could get a few extra ZZZs on the plane.

Obviously, all her dreams were Ellen Degeneres themed. 

Source: E!