Demi Lovato has a fever, and the only perscription is more tattoos (and more cowbell, but whatever). This gal has gone through quite the makeover this spring first she dyed her signature brunette locks of love blonde, and now she's added a brand new tattoo to her huge collection of body ink!

Demi's newest tattoo is scrawled on her left shoulder, and reads "now I'm a warrior." Um, note to Demi
you were always a warrior.

Of course, this isn't Demi's first time at the tattoo rodeo. She has a flock of twelve black birds flying around her forearm next to the word "faith," "you make me beautiful" written on her side, a blue feather behind her ear, a heart on her right wrist, lips on her lower arm, "peace" on her middle finger, "stay strong" on both her wrists, a cross on her hand, "rock n' roll" on her other middle finger, even more feathers on her side, and "let go & let god" on her feet. 

Basically, her entire body is an artistic masterpiece. 

By the way, Demi got her newest tat on the same day of her self-titled album release, so looks like girlfriend was in the mood to celebrate! In fact, "Warrior" is the title of the thirteenth song on the album. It's all coming together, guys!

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Source: Demi Lovato on Twitter