One Direction is becoming one big canvas, and we wouldn't have it any other way.

According to TMZ, while making their way through Glen Burnie, MD, the boy banders stopped into a tattoo parlor and decided to freshen up their ever-expanding collection of body art.

After their bodyguard had scoped out the local talent, the boys settled on Tattooed Heart Studios, where Zayn and Louis proceeded to ink some permanent reminders of their trip to the Baltimore suburb onto their bodies.

Zayn had an image of his girlfriend's face — yes, you read that right —tattooed on his bicep, while Louis chose a bomb and a spiderweb, to show off his mortal hatred of spiders, or something.

Liam also joined the boys for a bit, but chose to spend the evening pondering life's mysteries alone on the streets of Glen Burnie, thinking about home, his dog, and what kind of father he'll someday. He may or may not have spent the rest of the night dream journaling — there are some mysteries those sad eyes will never reveal. 

Early reports also indicate that the boys ate KFC, procured for them by their bodyguard, and that it was, predictably, finger lickin' good. 

Source: TMZ