Like any good Brit — or any living, breathing human, for that matter — Harry Styles has come down with a serious case of Royal Baby fever. So when Kate Middleton and Prince William’s newborn son made his official public debut on July 23, the One Direction heartthrob was quick to tweet about it.

Just moments after the still-unnamed offspring made his first public appearance, British boy bander Harry tweeted:

While Harry couldn’t be prouder about this big day, he’s not entirely thrilled about how some in the media are covering the baby’s arrival. In particular, he’s kind of ticked off at one American reporter who can’t even get some basic facts straight.

Yes. Judging from Harry’s tweet, it seems one clueless Yank really did just refer to Prince William by his father’s name. *facepalm*

Most of the time we really are proud to be American. Today, we’re questioning that — just ever so slightly.

Source: Harry Styles on Twitter