It’s easy to forget that Demi Lovato just turned 21 a few short weeks ago. Girlfriend is so well put together for her age! Plus, think of all she’s accomplished in her short career. Okay, okay we’ll stop our Lovato-lovefest but only after we talk about how cool Demi’s latest achievement is: She made it into the Guinness World Records for 2014!

What did Dems do to earn this new distinction? Did she compete in the world’s largest water balloon fight? Grow her nails out to a disgustingly long length? Beat out Simon Cowell for most snarky comments said in a single minute? (Impossible.)

Credit: Chon Lm on Twitter

Actually, none of the above. Demi’s name made the world record book for being the youngest X Factor judge.

That’s a category? Apparently so.

Demi Lovato is featured in the Guinness World Records 2014 (#gwr2014) book ! Woohoo ! Congrats @ddlovato So proud !!,” a Demi fan tweeted. The star herself later announced the news herself: “Guinness Book of World Records 2014???! SO cool!!! Haha.” (In case you were wondering, Demi was 19 years, 278 days old when she joined the X Factor judging panel.)

As much as Dems deserves any honor thrown her way, we have a sneaky feeling that there are some true-blue Lovatics working over at Guinness World Records who just wanted to see their favorite pop star grace the pages of the new book. We totally get that.

Sources: Chon Lm on Twitter and Demi Lovato on Twitter