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Simon Cowell is a harsh critic of a lot of things, and apparently changing diapers is one of them. 

The X Factor judge is expecting a baby with girlfriend Lauren Silverman, and he has numerous reasons to be excited about having a little tyke. "Going to Disneyland," Simon tells E! News about what he's looking forward to. "I get an excuse to go now. And watching more cartoons."

But there's also something he's not psyched to be doing. "Someone mentioned diapers," he says. "I couldn't do all that." 

Wait, what? Does Simon think that some people actually like changing diapers? You gotta suck it up and help out, dude! Then again, we suppose Simon can hire all the people he wants to do his dirty work for him.

Rumor has it that Simon and Lauren are having a baby boy, but Simon wouldn't address the baby's gender. "I can't," he said when asked to comment on what they're having. 

And speaking of genders, how does Simon feel about the all-female judging panel this year on The X Factor? "I've always had my ex-girlfriends around, a lot of my friends are girls — working with three girls on the panel is just a natural extension of that," Simon says.

So to summarize, Simon likes Disneyland, but he doesn't like dirty diapers? Big shocker. 

Source: E! Online