Credit: Juan Naharro Gimenez / Getty Photo: One Direction

Look, One Directioners. It’s okay to go to some extreme lengths to express love for your favorite band. Wanna spend all your time and money following them around the globe? Go for it. Heck, we can get with a lot of ways fans choose to express their devotion to their favorite boy band. But one thing we can’t understand is when fandom turns violent... especially towards an innocent animal.

On August 30, a fan by the name of “illumivato” tweeted the boys and asked them to follow her... or else. “"Follow me or I'll break my dog's neck," she wrote, along with a Twitpic of a chihuahua being held down by the neck. None of the boys gave in to the threat, and several days later the person behind the now-suspended account tweeted again, this time just to Liam: “"I love you. Follow me. My dog has just died." In the accompanying pic, a tearful girl holds a dog that appears lifeless.

Whether this was a sick prank by an online troll or an actual crazed fan murdered her dog just because her favorite band wouldn’t follow her on Twitter is unknown. Either way, we’re beyond disgusted. We love animals just as much as 1D, if not more.

Source: New York Daily News