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We nearly choked on our third helping of turkey and gravy last Thursday when Lillie McCloud got the boot from Season 3 of The X Factor. Not only was Lillie one of the show’s most talented performers, she didn’t even get a chance to perform a Save Me Song. Instead the 54-year-old grandma from Florida was sent home during the Thanksgiving night double elimination before being joined by the episode’s other casualty, Josh Levi.

Viewers get to vote to keep their favorite contestants on X Factor, but did we get it wrong this time? Should Lillie have gone home or was this just one of those “I thought she was safe so I voted for someone else” situations? Before last week, all signs seemed to point to the Sexy Grandma making it further than the Top 8 and maybe even taking the whole thing.

Sure, Lillie faltered a bit early on in Live Shows with judge Simon Cowell warning her not to come off as dated, but Lillie had seemed to find her groove ever since her hip-shaking performance for '80s Night. So what happened?

We may never know, since X Factor doesn’t reveal how many votes each contestant gets for the week. Although Lillie took the surprise in stride, graciously smiling and waving goodbye to her fans on November 28, her mentor, Kelly Rowland, didn’t keep quiet about the news. “The best is yet to come, @LillieNicoleMc!” Kelly tweeted that evening alongside a sweet photo of the two embracing.

Kelly’s got that right! Lillie may no longer be on X Factor but she’s totally got what it takes to be a star. Maybe next time, Ms. McCloud!

What did you make of Lillie being sent home? Was it the right call or did America misstep?

Sources: Kelly Rowland on Twitter

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