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The seemingly unstoppable team of Alex & Sierra have shown particularly bright on The X Factor this season. Their cover of “Say Something” claimed the number one spot on iTunes in early December and the couple’s fanbase continues to clammer for more. With just a few shows remaining from the finale and Sierra the only girl left standing in this year’s competition, are the two ready for a win?

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with the darling duo and got the scoop on how X Factor’s been treating them this year including some unexpected support from a world-famous fan.

Wetpaint Entertainment: How are you guys feeling about last week’s elimination of Ellona Santiago and Rion Paige?
Sierra Deaton: You just never know how people are going to vote. You could have a good performance and people will think you’re safe so they don’t vote. Or you could have a bad one and they don’t feel like voting. It’s really hard to kind of predict how things are going to go.

Who do you think is your biggest competition left on the show?
Sierra: I think at this point, not to be like a cheesy answer, but literally everyone because everyone is this close and everyone wants it.

Alex Kinsey: And we all have our own pros and cons.

Last time we talked, you mentioned one of the big reasons you wanted to do The X Factor was because of Simon Cowell. Has that been everything you wanted it to be?
Alex: We’ve really gotten along with him this whole experience. We’ve really had a lot of moments that have been incredible, but we’ve also had a lot of trying moments where we’ve butted head and we’ve gone back and forth. Up to this point, as far as we know, we still have a good relationship with him. He knows what he’s talking about and sometimes it’s difficult to let go not even as artists but as the people putting their necks out on the line.

So is he as grumpy as he sometimes seems on TV?
Sierra: He’s so much nicer!

You guys have been huge hits on iTunes. Do you feel there’s this extra level of pressure now because of you have had that initial success?
Sierra: Yes, I’ve totally had a few breakdowns this week because I feel like there’s just so much expectation for us to kill it again this week. We’re working super, super hard but I just feel like it’s just more pressure on top of it because last week went so well. I don’t want to let people down or let ourselves down, either.

Alex: We’re also getting to the point in the show now … there’s a lot less time for us to put our own spin on songs … We just don’t have as much time to do that anymore. We’re still trying to put our own spin on things but there’s the extra pressure of trying to be who we are and making the people who have supported us happy each week with the songs that we do, there’s just a lot to take into consideration.

Whether or not you win the show, do you guys foresee any challenges in doing your own music because you’ve become well-known for doing covers?
Sierra: A 100 percent we want to be putting out our own music … We want to prove we’re songwriters too.

Looking over the past season, what’s been your favorite performance so far?
Sierra: We have a few that we really, really loved. We loved “Trouble” because we came up with the arraignment ourselves … “Say Something” was a really cool performance because we both got to play instruments and we both really connected to the song.

Alex: And “Give Me Love” is just one of our favorite songs of all time. We got praise praise from Ed Sheeran for it so that’s pretty cool because he’s one of our favorite artists.

Cool! Did he reach out to you on Twitter?
Alex: No, we actually met him at a friend’s house and he was thanking us for doing the song and doing it justice. He was really, really cool.

Do you guys have any plans for the finale?
Sierra: We would love to sing with Ed Sheeran. Ever since we hung out with him that night we’re hoping he’s inclined to do so. But we’ll see.

What would you make of an Ed Sheeran and Alex & Sierra performance? Are you hoping they win the show? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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