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Three words: country boy band. Sound like a stroke of musical genius? It is if the success of X Factor 2013 group Restless Road is any proof. The trio of 18-year-old Zach Beeken, 19-year-old Andrew Scholz, and 19-year-old Colton Pack had never met before X Factor but you wouldn’t know that seeing them perform. Now at the end of a long and difficult season, Restless Road remains a fan favorite. But will their popularity get them through to the Season 3 finale?

All signs point to yes with the group of new high school graduates likely breaking into next week’s two-part conclusion. Amid the hustle and bustle of Live Shows, Wetpaint Entertainment sat down to chat with Zach, Andrew, and Colton. We asked about the songs they’ve sung, the season they’ve had, and the career they’ve planned.

Wetpaint Entertainment: If you make it to the finale, any songs you really want to perform?
Zach Beeken: We’re still thinking about it … We do know there is going to be a big surprise. We’re going to be singing with a celebrity or another artist out in the real world. We have an idea of who we want to sing with but we can’t really tell you right now.

As you guys head toward the finale, who are you seeing as your biggest competition?
Colton Pack: I think Alex & Sierra are definitely one of the front-runners of this competition. They have such a unique sound and there’s no one like them out there right now. America really loves them and loves their story.

Is it weird for you guys that they’re also technically on your same team what with sharing the same judge, Simon Cowell?
Zach: We’ve become such close friends with them ever since we first got out here [two months ago]. We love them to death. Even though we’re in a competition with them, we don’t really treat it like that with them. We all just love singing and performing and whatever happens at the end of the day we’ll be happy with.

We’re not sure how much you’ve paid attention to the negative press, but some critics have said you’re performing more pop than country numbers. If you end up winning, do you think you’d be more pop?
Colton: First and foremost, we’re country. That’s what we do. On the show it’s a bit of a different story than what we would do in the real world, but this week and next week you guys will see what we want to do in the future … Up to this point, there have been themes and we’ve kinda had to abide by what the themes were … We’ve tried to take songs that weren’t country and make them country … I think we’re definitely going to stick to our country roots after the show is over and hopefully we can be a pop crossover.

You guys have performed a lot of songs this season so far. What’s been your favorite?
Andrew Scholz: My favorite song was definitely last week when we sang [Avicii's] ‘Wake Me Up.’

Zach: I agree with Andrew and are most recent favorite song was definitely ‘Wake Me Up.’ I also really liked singing [Katy Perry’s] ‘Roar’ because that was like the first time we ever sang for live television and we took a pop song and, I think, made a really cool country version of it. I’ve always loved that version of that song.

Colton: I agree with both of them.

What’s been the biggest surprise this season?
Andrew: I think one of the biggest things we’ve had to work on is there’s so much to do with the whole show … It’s just a lot to do in a short amount of time but you know it’s an all-day, everyday thing if you want to win this competition. And that’s what we have to do.

Zach: When we first came out here I didn’t realize how many other things go into your performance. [You do] 95 percent of the work before you even get on stage.

Think their hard work will pay off? Are you rooting for Restless Road to win this season’s X Factor? Share your feels in the comments below.

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