Credit: Ray Mickshaw/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Since X Factor’s third season came to an end last month, the contestants have been keeping busy with their various projects.

Credit: Ray Mickshaw/©2013 Fox Broadcasting Co.

Season 3 champs Alex & Sierra are in the studio working on brand new music with exciting guest stars. The cutie cowboys of Restless Road are keeping the masses entranced with their adorable tweets (complete with photos). And as for teenage wonder Josh Levi? He’s just getting invited to Grammy parties. NBD.

The 15-year-old Texan was recently on his way to a pre-Grammy charity party hosted by (yes, as in of The Black Eyed Peas). Unfortunately, when Josh tried to check in for the event at the Avalon in Hollywood, the front door staff told him a “look-alike” had already tried to make good on Josh’s invite — twice!

To prove he was who he said he was, Josh sang a few lines from Bruno Mars’ “Treasure,” a song X Factor fans will remember from his time on the show. Josh must have hit all the right notes because he eventually made it to the party!

When not singing Top 40 hits to identify himself, Josh is working on a special song for Valentine’s Day. Details on that and his other upcoming numbers as we get them.

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