Tate Stevens won The X Factor Season 2 on December 20 and we could not be more thrilled for him. He’s AMAZING, right guys? Well, we know at least the majority of you agree... But for whatever reason you think he’s amazeballs, here are five reasons we are citizens of Tate Nation.

1. His inspiring story
Tate is a hard-workin’ family man who married his high school sweetheart and put his dreams on hold to help his family. Cue chill bumps.

2. His spirit
Tate smiles with his whole face and always says the right thing. But it’s not like that one cousin of yours who always says “the right thing,” meaning he’s a total tool. Tate just seems grateful and stoked.

3. His stage presence
You can see in every performance that Tate is having fun. Like, not just showboating for the cameras or trying to win votes, but actually having a rootin-tootin good time. And that is fun to watch. But maybe lay off the creepy back-up dancers in awkward bows and short skirts and such. That makes us uncomfortable.

4) His sportsmanship
Dudes, The X Factor is a serious competition. Like, tear each others heads off serious. Except that it wasn’t. Even though there was a lot on the line, Tate never acted like he was in Lord of the Flies. When CeCe Frey’s family couldn’t afford to come out to support her, Tate acted like a father to her. He’s like the selfless, big hat-wearing uncle we always dreamed of.

5) His embellished shirts.
Do we really need to explain? Glorious.

Bonus: Half of Belton, Missouri (his hometown) is named after him.
Seriously, puppies, water towers... Ridic.