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Well, guys, it was bound to happen. We've gotten to the point in X Factor where people are getting poisoned and rushed to the hospital thanks to being fed rancid tuna. Luckily, the show went on despite Tuna Gate 2012, and Khloe managed to find herelf a bra. In short, this week's results show was a total success, and we've rounded up the top 10 quotes of the night for you to look back on!

10. Britney describes her group: "They're like my children."
Suck it, Jayden and Sean Preston.

9. L.A. forgets Jason's name: "I think that the song choice that I gave... uhh... uhhh... Jason?"
Oh god, he's senile. We knew this day would come.

8. L.A. remains forgetful and ancient: "I don't know your name, but Middle C, you got a lot of soul."
Dude, the least you can do is pretend.

7. One Emblem3 complements another Emblem3: "I LOVE YOUR FACE."
No words for this three-way bromance.

6. Simon insults Jason and David: "You're asking me to judge two horses who are coming last in a race."
Basically, he's Toby MaGuire in Seabiscuit.

5. Vino hates on Britney: "Crush officially over."
Ohhhhh snap. Watch out for killer umbrellas, dude.

Credit: video still

4. L.A. calls out Simon: "I thought that was really mean."
Shame on you, Simon. You hurt L.A.'s feelings.

3. Demi says the same thing to almost every contestant: "I saw the soul and fire in your eyes."
OMG, the eye of Mordor.

2. Sister C complains: "Our stairs were missing."
Insert Stairway To Heaven joke of your choice.

1. Britney muses: "You have the eye of the tiger... and it makes me like watching that."
If you think of this as an experimental word poem, it makes more sense.