Credit: Dave Hogan/Getty Images Photo: Simon Cowell Gets a Playful Punch at the 2003 British Comedy Awards After Party

Actually, there are two angles to this story, so does that make Simon Cowell...two-faced?  See for yourself!

First, a teary-eyed Simon admitted that contrary to all his hard-hearted expectations, he’s becoming very “emotionally involved” with the girls he’s mentoring on The X Factor.  (We really, really hope that’s not a euphemism for something saucier!) But just as former American Idol villain judge begins to reveal this softer side, some folks across the pond are embracing Simon’s love-to-hate-him quality in a whole new way.

After a poll revealed Simon to be considered the “most punchable celebrity,” Gymbox, a fitness facility in Central London, recruited a live Simon Cowell lookalike in its ground- (and possibly face-) breaking Human Punchbag!

Andy Monk, the pioneering pseudo-Cowell, is expected to raise sales by “egging [gym-goers] on with a series of taunts and insults.” Maybe Simon should be insulted. Then again, after seeing the abs on the faux Simon’s faux body, we’d think he’s better off feeling honored/relieved.  

Sources: Digital Spy, Daily Mail

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