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WARNING: Spoilers Below!

Despite the fact that Britney Spears has admitted she doesn’t know what good rap sounds like, The X Factor judge was all over Mr. Rizzloe Jones during his Kansas City audition in Week 2. Rizzloe impressively freestyled in front of the judges, causing LA Reid to gush about his talent. Demi Lovato took to Twitter right after the audition aired, tweeting, “Impressive!!”

18-year-old Rizzloe has already bonded with his X Factor competition — maybe a sign he made it far enough to become finalist BFFs? He and bad girl CeCe Frey tweeted at each other during the show, and we already know CeCe made it into Season 2’s Top 16 (along with li’l Diamond White).

Does Rizzloe have “the X Factor,” y’all?

Source: Twitter

Credit: YouTube Photo: Watch X Factor 2012 Contestant Rizzloe Jones Freestyle