This is the story about a girl named Lucky. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist). Britney Spears has been showing her soft side on The X Factor with the careful care she’s taken in mentoring the young’uns. It looks like she’s pretty set to win with dream contestants Carly Rose Sonenclar and Diamond White in her corner of Planet X.

So, has all this work with the darling 13-year-old girls made her want to have one of her own? Apparently so! Brit posted a picture of herself with her new little lady on her Twitter, with the caption “I want you all to meet my new little baby girl @hannahspears <3 How cute is she?!?!”

But before you get all “what about Sean Preston and Jayden James,” look at this picture.

It’s a dog, guys. A tiny, sweet, puppy. With a Twitter account.

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