Move over, Hanna. Britney Spears has welcomed a new pal with paws into her love nest, and it's basically a ball of adorable fluff with a face. Otherwise known as a dog.

Britney debuted her new puppy to the world on February 8th, when she tweeted, "Say good morning to my new baby people," along with a picture of herself holding this mysterious creature.

Um, we literally have no words. We're not even sure this thing has limbs, that's how fluffy it is. Though, we do appreciate the fact that Britney has tied a bright pink bow on her furry friend's head –– at this point it's more stylish than we are, though girlfriend could kick things up a notch by encasing it in a nude glitter body suit. Just saying.

In other news, Britney's doggie friend (who is so far nameless) seems to be smiling in this picture. Probably because it's being cradled lovingly by our lord and savior.

Source: Twitter