The X Factor is already getting what it wanted from Britney Spears: Publicity and buzz. So what if she seems to be regularly missing from her judges' chair? It’s not like they need her around to get people talking!

Yesterday a report came out that Britney walked off the X Factor set on her first day as a judge when a contestant butchered her song “Hold It Against Me.”

Britney laughed off the report, tweeting, “#Britneywalksoff‬??? LOL was just taking a little break people. I am having the BEST time!!!”

Brit Brit further told E!, "I am having the most incredible time and love being able to sit next to Simon [Cowell] at the judging table. The talent has been tremendous."

Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Photo: Simon Cowell

However, on Friday a “show source” told Us Weekly that Britney walked out during auditions again today. "After a very popular contestant finished, Brit stood up and immediately walked towards the tunnel where judges enter," the source told Us, adding that it wasn't clear what prompted her departure. "Her bodyguards [and entourage] jumped up and ran after her. She was moving fast . . . It was odd." The witness said after a while "she came back" as though nothing had happened.

Maybe she just needed a potty break? Are we seriously going to have to hear from “show sources” every time Britney walks away from the judges’ table? This is starting to feel like an extreme attempt by the show itself to milk her for every drop of publicity possible. And it’s working!

Sources: Twitter, E!, Us Weekly